Sunday, 4 November 2012

October 2012 Reveal

This month I was paired with Nic from who is a nutritionist so I knew that her selection would be well balanced and thoughtful with regard to everything I had told her about myself, my husband and our son who like to share my foodie pen pal selection!  Nic was kind enough to send it in time for us to open and enjoy before our latest holiday and she had written to us in coloured pen to appeal more to 3 year old Harry.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pack of dorset cereal (complete with bowl), it was ideal for our campervan and very yummy.  It is actually a brand I often buy for my breakfasts so I must say, good choice Nic!

The single serving of soup was a lovely warm treat for a chilly lunch outside the van, they were a reminder of home in France.

Harry loves his fruit and the fruit snack pack was a great standby supply.  Nic had also included some fruit leather rolls which Harry and Tony rapidly demolished, I didn't even get a taste!

As I'm a tea addict Nic sent me some white tea and some Earl Grey which I have been having as a nice change from the gallons of English Breakfast I normally get through daily.

I also kept the bar of dark chocolate to myself and have been nibbling a little each day as a little treat.  Tony and Harry would have eaten the whole bar at once but I like to nibble and make things last!!

I apologise for the lateness of my post but after a nightmare journey home including a breakdown and a French mechanic who insisted the cam belt (which our camper van doesn't have) had gone, 2 hire cars later, one hotel and a very kind ferry company later, we are finally home.  Thank goodness we paid for international recovery!!

Thanks Nic for a lovely parcel and for your patience.  xxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

September 2012 reveal

September reveal!

This month I sent a parcel to Lizzie near Cambridge and received a lovely selection of goodies from Tracey in Twickenham.  I knew that Tracey was a keen baker having checked her out online (no, I wasn't stalking) and the other family members - Harry in particular were suitably excited to receive our treats.
His favourites and the items which caused most excitement were "Percy Pig" sweets and three beautiful cake pops, which Tracey had made, red velvet cake coated in white chocolate and sprinkles.  Harry was delighted with his extra red tongue afterwards and was horrified to be forced to share the sweets with his dad but as Tracey had thoughtfully put three cake pops in, we had one each to sample!

There were also savouries in the parcel which delighted me as I have the least sweet tooth of the family.  To spice up my snack cupboard there were wasabi peas which were wonderful, I grow wasabi and thoroughly enjoy its effects, that almost a sneeze sensation.

There was also pumpkin seed and sesame seed flatbreads, lemon shortbread. a jar of homemade chilli jam (yum) and some cake cases for me to do some baking with Harry plus a kit of spices and instructions to make bombay potatoes which were very tasty but we forgot to take a photo!

Thanks Tracey, your first parcel was very enjoyable and I look forward to following your exploits.  xxxx

Friday, 31 August 2012

August 2012 foodie pen pals reveal

August 2012 foodie penpals reveal

This month I received a parcel from Nic Dempsey and sent a parcel to Paula.  I was delighted to receive my parcel as I knew she enjoyed parties having spoken to her after her weekend-long Birthday celebrations. So was very excited to find a pouch of peach bellini mix, which just required the addition of Prosecco!  One bottle later and a pleasant pre dinner cocktail was enjoyed by Tony and I on a rare child free night!!

Nic had included a jar of homemade gooseberry jam which was delicious on my breakfast crumpet the following morning and unbeknown to Nic as my gooseberries have been decimated by gooseberry sawfly this year, I managed to get a jar of one of my favourite jams and I'm not sharing!!

Nic also included a few snacks like rice crackers, strawberry soft liquorice (Tony loved this), some fruit tea - ginger and mandarin (very zingy) and to keep me busy with my 3year old son, 2 packets of seeds, the cress is currently sprouting on the windowsill and we will save the sunflowers till spring but looking forward to using them.

There was also a yummy looking card from Nic explaining why she had selected everything, in all a fun and still thoughtful mix of goodies.  Thanks.  xx

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The big reveal

Well, my first ever blog about my first foodie pen pal parcel and I must say, what a treat. The person I was paired with was Hannah Mansfield, which amused us both as I am Anna from Mansfield
The parcel contained some wonderful home made granola which didn't last till breakfast, nom nom. A packet of quinoa and a canister of bouillon to flavour it. I have had quinoa before, many years ago and found it very bland so gave it a go, following Hannah's suggestion of boiling it with the bouillon and I will definitely be having it again, it was a nice accompaniment to a chickpea casserole!
Hannah also sent me some yummy crackers which I have to confess, I haven't shared at all! They are far too good for a toddler and my husband would snaffle the lot!
Thank you Hannah for a lovely selection and roll on next month!!