Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The big reveal

Well, my first ever blog about my first foodie pen pal parcel and I must say, what a treat. The person I was paired with was Hannah Mansfield, which amused us both as I am Anna from Mansfield
The parcel contained some wonderful home made granola which didn't last till breakfast, nom nom. A packet of quinoa and a canister of bouillon to flavour it. I have had quinoa before, many years ago and found it very bland so gave it a go, following Hannah's suggestion of boiling it with the bouillon and I will definitely be having it again, it was a nice accompaniment to a chickpea casserole!
Hannah also sent me some yummy crackers which I have to confess, I haven't shared at all! They are far too good for a toddler and my husband would snaffle the lot!
Thank you Hannah for a lovely selection and roll on next month!! 

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